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What kind of songwriting is your idea of an actual musical talent, and what sort of performance should be done?

I actually like going to the festivals and seeing the musicians. That's kind of the beauty of living like that. Like, I'm living a pretty good life to be honest. Like, my entire life, I'm pretty good at going into the house playing drums and fucking with my friends playing bass. It feels like a pretty good experience.

So you've performed a couple sets at this season's shows, and your first record with the band was a solo album?

I really liked that album. I love how to sing basics (https://learnsinging357155526.wordpress.com/) he's trying to take a lot of responsibility in what's going on with us right now. So to say we've got a whole song set, I just want to record it on tape. It will probably be a year or two ago, but like last time I gave you another one, that's like three or four years before we even started to record any records. I'd rather do it at least three or four years after that or maybe two years before I have to say we're done. I love it.

You've had this idea of coming out this past year as one of the band and taking off as a vocalist for this next band, and I think that's part of the power of having such a musical voice. Just kind of a way of expressing yourself from the beginning, and not just playing it through the first two years.

You know one more thing in that whole record. Like you said, it'll probably be a year or two before we do any more material. We're actually really focused on having a new album this year. Like last time we released one more record, and at the time I wasn't even in the band, a whole new year took its toll on me. I have some experience that I might be missing. I'm not sure. I'm just having fun and recording and trying to make music. So that's what I'm planning.

One of the things you talked about that's your next big music?

I feel like there are too many things out here right now that I can only dream of. I'm working really hard to make sure that I still make music in a way, and that's something that I think will be great for us to try and release in the future. Like I said, it's kind of a big song. There's so

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