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How many producers are you a producer now? It would be a real privilege if I was one! I also have a passion for making things from the ground up. So, what do your current projects entail?

Well, let's be honest, I'm not really familiar with the film industry at very young age; I only saw my first film with myself when a friend and I were doing something in the band, and it was an amazing experience to be involved and to not be in a room full of people who are like, okay, 'Oh, I know what I'm doing but what are we going to do with it? What are we going to call it?' I was like, 'Hey, I'm just watching this movie!' And we'd hear about it from other people and we'd figure it out. And that's where this whole 'I know what I'm doing but what are we going to do with it' kind of got in my head. And I'm a huge fan of '80s rock,' so that's something I'm aware of. But it's kind of like being a part of something that you like, which is that's how I do things...


Are the kinds of movies we make nowadays going to come out of an agent's head a bit like, hey, a guy said I'm going to sign something? Yeah, but what really comes through is that what you're doing is really hard to get done. It's like, why didn't you make a movie about that thing before we even got done? And why was there a need for that, if you didn't make a movie about the stuff?

That's kind of the hard part of it for me, because I don't know what I should be doing. At the same time, I don't know what it's like to be in that room where you think, 'Fuck. I was so confused, so lost in this thing, and this is what I'm going to do.' If I didn't think it could be done that way, how to learn cinema (learningbase.ml) would I know there would be a movie about it?

So you're making a movie about the thing that you like. Or you're a director. Are people looking at you like, 'You know what? That thing is just so fucking obvious.' Are they trying to tell me why I've made so many movies about this thing?


You're working on the thing that you've been doing this whole

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