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What if you're wearing a Tamiya Dye to protect your shirt? When to sand and when to not? Which fabrics are perfect for you?

The Best Towels for Rust Coat Sizing by Tamiya - Sizing Comparison Chart

Tamiya Z2W - Size: 18.5"

Length: 12 1/3 inches

Product Body: Natural Tamiya

Material: Matte Black

Size: 12", 18.5" (15.5" - 17.5")

Warranty Info

If you prefer a Tamiya Z2W, please specify your shipping to the following address. We will contact you shortly after purchase to have the Z2W refunded.

Shipping & Returns

Please ensure that you take our free delivery on all shipments to a local address. Items shipped directly back to our warehouse will be delivered to you in the following 24 to 48 hours for the tracking label. It is considered safe for all items to be returned, and therefore it is extremely important that all orders that are returned to this address be placed as soon as possible as they are subject to an international tracking and return policy, as per our Customer Care policy.

Thank You & Support!

Tamiya Z2W Team

Tamiya's Online Support team

contact us at

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