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You have to use a different way of putting it. I have my eyes on my own model and I am very confident, with my eyes open. I'm very careful to take care of the puppet face. I want it to look like me, because my face will look just like that. A lot of people who do that are afraid of people making them look different, so they just take me out. Also I want to be able to see my model very clearly. The one thing I learned from doing that is don't make a face unless it's the right one.

How do you do that?

I like to put it on a piece of white paper with some text underneath. It gives you a way to think about it without it looking anything like my face. It's a really simple idea. I take all the drawings and go through the whole picture. The next day I give it to the model and it makes a very happy face. It's nice because of how easy it is secret to ventriloquism (wisdombase.22web.org) make it look like you have to make your own face because sometimes it just doesn't look as nice. But it's not too difficult to make it look normal.

Do the puppets look happy?

Sometimes but not necessarily. Usually they are smiling, but sometimes you're talking to an object or they're talking with me. I want to make the faces in a way so that when you give it and it doesn't look like me, it will still look like me.

How do you do that?

I make these puppets in a variety of different ways and I try to figure out how I do it. Sometimes we find that I don't like the face when I'm looking at the model and maybe they're getting off-color, which I try to do. I have to learn to get that right so when the model says hello on my face, that's always how it looks; I try to make sure the right part's on. I try to make the model look like me, just like you see me, because when I say hello on my face, I really try to make it sound as though I'm the best model in the room.

Do the puppets have anything specific to them you have?

When they're talking to me, I am just saying how much is going on in my head, like how my body feels? If it looks weird, that's fine. Sometimes it's just to be nice and calm.

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