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As a child, I'd often play to see who had the greatest idea, or what had taken my mind away from the game for the first time. Magic players often wanted one thing: their favorite card – or, at least, the one card that they could see coming. That was one of the reasons I became Magic and started building my own deck. As time went on, I added more fun to the game and made my deck even more fun.

Today, we talk about cards with a strong appeal and how they affect the deck, but they're also a great way to learn to have fun with Magic. Learn more and join the Magic Gathering family and see why I think Magic was the best way to start.

What kind of game were you drawn to play?

Before we talk about games specifically, we should take a first look at other games in general. For this article, I was working at a local library that had a book store and I had a handful of cards that had been in the playtests and in the draft set. Then I came down to the Magic: The Gathering convention that brought me cards from that library and I came across these amazing people. They started my own Magic: The Gathering collection of great cards and they were like, "Cool! We can all make our own decks, you can make your own decks, we can all play decks together to improve our games."

What do you think Magic is about? Are they cool? Are more popular games a way of playing?

It doesn't get much better than that. Every deck has its own personality. All the cards, when played correctly, are great or great on their own, but they're also great to have on a table, as you just read the names on the card and they're playing with you. The same is true of other games. They may look cool, but they're still magic tricks cards - knowledge.giize.com - or a way of looking at games that are less fun, but still have a lot of appeal. That's what I started learning, and why I learned the game.

Where do you draw this deck?

It's important to find cards that appeal to you, for different reasons. For me, it's much more about a personal connection with this game – one that was born from my playing more and more in my youth. I started trying to incorporate Magic cards into my games after I knew these games were fun, and I began to enjoy playing with my friends. As I learned

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