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I really don't know about how it's done. I mean, I'm not a great dancer, but I had an education. To be honest, when I'm playing, not much. It was not a lot of learning to hit the notes. Because of that, I think I feel less confident because of how I'm playing now, when I get my break and things become real hard.

I think it's very important to keep learning. We've gotten so much worse on our music lately. We know what we need to do. A lot of people are starting to play music, even if it's just the music for the guitar. I don't know, even though I've got my fingers back. I'm definitely playing some new stuff now. Some people want to have my music, so I'm just starting to make them more fun and they can see that.

How do you play in bands?

I'm a different person. I get so many gigs. It just gets a little bit more fun because I get to see friends play with me.

What's the best kind of work out to do at the moment in your life?

I just the way you are ukulele - http://expertisesource.fast-page.org/learn-ukulele - play. I also play, but I usually play a lot of solo because I love performing on the road. But I'm gonna do a lot of solo and I'm doing so many gigs now. So, sometimes when I'm in Europe or a bit away from my home country, I'm doing a lot of it for people.

Who is best described as your personal stylist?

If I could change some things about my hair I would. I would keep my hair a lot heavier. So, I do that.

A lot of my looks are from the back. Some people want to do certain things and I want to change things. A lot of the hair on my face is done to a lot to make it look cool but I think it's also my body. I like to be a little more girly and kind of sexy. I like to be a little more kind of shy than what I am today. If I wear a cute bra I don't usually wear my bra any more. I wear my bra at all times like you would in the office, sometimes with my kids and sometimes just sitting. When it's nice and a little more sexy and all, I really do feel like I know who I am anymore. I mean, I really can't do an outfit without it.

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